Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lisbon, Day 4, August 28, 2015

Today will be a beach day, but first to the market. I was looking for a Pargo also known as Red Bream.  I could not find one that would be ideal for two, so I settled for the smallest I could find, a 1.2 kg Pargo for 15.5 Euro ($23 CDN).

The train station is just a few minutes walk and cost us 9.6 Euros return.  We boarded the train and waited and waited past the departure time then all of a sudden some people were leaving the train and running.  Then there was a mass exodus.  Not knowing why, we joined the masses that boarded another train a few tracks over.  Announcements were not in English. The 40 minute trip took us along the shore of the Tagus River to the Atlantic.  We got off 3.5 km before the end of the line at Estoril and walked along the boardwalk to Cascais with heaps of eateries along the way. 

It was a beautiful sunny day as we passed lots of beaches and perused menus deciding on what was for lunch. 

Crazy marble and basalt mosaic footpaths

 Cascais was a quaint little town with some huge houses 

Wine bottle glass sunk in the concrete to keep the riffraff out 

We looked for a busy restaurant to ensure freshness and were pleased with the choice.  Jill had a hamburger with a fried egg on top.  She proclaimed it to be one of the best she has ever eaten.  Perhaps it was the bacon which was minced into the patty.  I had grilled squid, one of my go-to meals if it is on the menu.

We ventured into the water up to our knees and it was very cold - a surprise, so we laid out our towels and had a quick nap while catching some sun.  We headed back to the train station to catch the 3:40 train home. We were early and stopped in a small cafĂ© by the station and had two small .20 ml beers, a bargain at 1 Euro each ($1.50 CDN).
The look of satisfaction

On our way home we picked up two bottles of white wine, four rolls of paper towels, serviettes, a lire of sparkling water for a total of 6.20 Euros (9.50 CDN).  Seems the more we drink, the more we save.

Dinner was delish.  The Pargo was a tasty mild fish with a slightly denser texture that the Sea Bass. We only ate half reserving the rest for a fish salad lunch with the avocado which was now ripe.

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