Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lisbon, Day 5, August 29, 2015

They say today is going to be 33 degrees, the hottest it has been since we arrived. I made my usual trip to the fresh market to get razor clams, which I have wanted to try for a long time. From what I have heard, they are as sweet as scallops, but just a bit tougher. I found a vendor who had a one kilo pack for 10 Euros. I didn’t want that many, but that’s the way they were packaged.  Whenever I have seen them offered, they were very expensive, so this was a relatively inexpensive way to try something new.  I must say that everyone in the market was so patient and kind, even though we could not communicate.  

 One of the many fish stalls

Lots were very busy filling restaurant orders from lists, but were happy to help me as best they could, especially with the money.  I am greeted by those who see me every day; lovely people indeed.  The shiitake mushrooms were some of the best I have ever seen so, of course, I had to buy some for a later dish. I also bought four Brown Turkey figs, a bargain at .83 Euros. 

Jill and I decided to explore the Bairro Alto neighbourhood today.  Again it was a steep climb with a few funiculars for those looking for a quick trip up or down. 

No spaces are wasted

The views of the city were fabulous.

I have not had any sugar since we left home. I usually have a spoon in my large cup of espresso in the morning and several pieces of chocolate at night.  We are not dessert eaters unless it’s a special occasion. Vanilla ice cream cannot be in the house for long.  Since Monday, I have passed dozens of pastry shops which always display Portuguese tarts in the window, my absolute weakness.  Today was my day to finally indulge in just one, still a big measure of self control since they are cheaper if you buy six.  I slipped into sugar heaven with the first bite.  The multi-layered crust is so good and the sweet custard with a bit of dark caramelization on top is indescribably delicious.  It ticked all the boxes with my self control intact.

On the way home, we stopped at the supermercado and saw that a six-pack of Heineken beer was on special for 3.89 Euros ($5.75 CDN).  Back home they sell for $13.85. Loving the cheaper prices.

Jill captured on video tonight's pasta with razor clam dinner for an episode of Shoestring Gourmet in Lisbon, Portugal. Coming soon to your community Cogeco channel in Ontario. And yes, it was delish.

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