Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lisbon, Day 1, August 25, 2015

We departed Toronto at 6:30pm and arrived at Heathrow, London 7 hours later to catch our connecting 2 ½ flight to Lisbon, after a short layover. We got to Lisbon at noon and cabbed it to our apartment, a one minute walk from the Tagas River. The apartment, booked on Airbnb, is perfect and a bargain at 600 Euros for 8 nights.  We unpacked and went grocery shopping just down the road.  White wine, 6 beer, olives, a big chunk of cheese, yogurt, and two chorizo sausages came to slightly under 15 Euros (23CDN $) which would have cost us $47 if we were home.

Prosciutto flavoured Ruffles. Yum.

Even the cab was a bargain at 13 Euros for a 45 minute ride to our apartment.  Once our groceries were put away, we headed out for a very late lunch.  We stopped at a tourist hot spot and shared a grilled sea bass and two pints of local beer for $25 Euros with tip, another bargain, but cost much more than off the beaten track.  

 They are big on sweets
In we went

The Tagus River, minutes from our apartment

We walked back along the Tagus River with plans to eat our next lunch at a more reasonably priced local eatery after our morning power walk and our trip to the fish market for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Our plan is to eat just two meals a day, lunch and dinner, with lunch out and dinner in.  This keeps our weight in check and helps us keep our costs down.  Shoestring baby!

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