Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Day 3

Day 3, May 14, 2014

Last night, we had a thunderstorm and heavy rain, off and on most of the night. I slept for 11 ½ hours and we both had a lazy morning waiting for the rain to stop. It gave me time to go through all the pictures Jill and I took – over 200! We made breakfast at home with soft boiled orange-yoke eggs on fried bread (that Jill handily scrounged from the bread basket at our dinner last night). These eggs are just called eggs, or as Jeannette calls them, happy eggs. 
The rain stopped by 11:30am and we ventured out to take the cable car up to the top of Mount Srd (412 metres).  We wanted to visit the War Museum on the summit to better understand the homeland war of 1991-1995. The cable cars do not run when the winds are too strong.  Once we came out of the museum, the wind was cold and strong.  When we opened the door to the main building there was a long lineup, which meant the cable cars had stopped running and everyone was waiting for vans to take us back down the mountain.  It was a hairy ride with single lane hairpin turns, an added adventure.  Surprisingly it was not windy at the bottom. We headed home to put on socks and warm up with some wine before venturing out for some pasta.     

On the way up

The old city
Looking south

Looking south
Windblown and cold Jill
The mountains south

Mountains north east

New town Dubrovnik looking north west

Hallway in museum in Fort Imperial at the top of Mount Srd built by in 1806-1816 during the Napoleonic Wars.

Destruction during the war of 1901-1905

The many stairs taking us back home

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