Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Day 9

Day 9, May 20, 2014

This was a very exciting day. Zeljka from Hotel Mianiko where we are staying, knocked on our door last night to say that my cousin Miro, my father’s oldest sister’s son, who I have never met, is waiting for our phone call. Jill had asked the owner of the hotel, Suzana, if she could help us get in touch with him. I called and left a message and within minutes received a text from his sister, Dusanka, because Miro’s English is not so good.  I called and spoke to her and was overjoyed that we were able to connect.  We arranged to meet  today for a coffee at the hospital where she works, which happened to be just down the street from where we were staying.  Dusanka and Miro are both doctors.  
Dusanka, my cousin and me
We found out my father is the only surviving child of six children and we got caught up on the family tree. We made plans to meet in Old Town tomorrow on Dusanka’s day off after her 24 hour shift.

We got up after 9 this morning and remembered we planned to visit the Old Town market to get fresh fish for dinner. Although I had just made us an espresso, I put on my shoes and power walked to Old Town in twenty minutes, half of our forty minute stroll.  The fish market was fabulous, a huge variety of freshly caught fish.  I bought two one pound Orado (sea breem) for 9.20 Euros, some olives and parsley and was home 15 minutes later.  Down hill on the 125 stairs is much faster.  My knee felt great but not for long. I paid the price for my exuberance but loved the personal physical challenge as is my nature. By dinner time my knee was feeling better. Stupid guy.

As we were walking on the promenade this afterrnoon a man called out “Peter”.  Of course, I didn’t turn around since who would know me here, but it turned out to be the driver that picked us up in Dubrovnik. I am sorry I can’t remember his name as it was not easy to pronounce and his nickname was not any easier, but his name meant that he was not afraid of anything. He recommended a restaurant, The Balkan CafĂ© just down the street as a good place to eat so off we went and yes it was good and great value.   

The power was out after we came back from lunch, which we are told is normal.  Apparently they are working on the lines up in the mountains and we were told it should be back around dinner time.  We strolled along the promenade away from Herceg Novi to the end and then stopped at the Balkan Cafe again to have a beer and rest my swollen knee. You can’t beat 3.40 Euros for two large beers, sitting just feet from the ocean with a million dollar view. 

Views from the Balkan Cafe

Igalo Plaza swimming spot view from the Balkan Cafe

As we were paying our bill, there was our driver sitting with the owners.  We had a laugh and then headed home along the promenade.
Great views everywhere
The power came on just after 7 so we got our fish in the over. Olive oil, salt, fresh parsley, and a squeeze of lemon.  Delicious. 
Dinner ready to go into the oven
And yes, a chardonnay to wash it down. Heaven.

Before we left Dubrovnik, I bought a small bottle of locally produced unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.  It is fabulous and we are enjoying it in our daily salads, with our fried eggs in the morning and so good on the fish.  How lucky are we to be experiencing all this goodness.

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