Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Day 10

Day 10, May 21, 2014

It was pointed out to me that comments by readers were not showing up. It seems to be a bit of a problem with Blogger. I consulted my techie, Jill, who also doubles as my editor, thanks Honey and she adjusted a setting so hopefully it works now.

We awoke to a beautiful clear sky and a temp of 18 calling for a high of 26.  Nice.  We decided to take a leisurely walk to the market and pick up a sea bass, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber for an al fresco lunch on our balcony.  

On the way back, we walked to the end of the pier past a fisherman who was unloading his catch along with two large octopus, my fourth culinary tick before we leave Montenegro

The pier
View of the pier
We discovered a nice restaurant at the end of the pier and we plan to have dinner there on Friday night, our last night before we head for Barcelona on Saturday. Despite the great location, it was nice to see that their prices were in line with the majority of restaurants along the promenade.

After lunch, we were ready for our first ever swim in the Adriatic Sea. The water was cold but refreshing.  We passed out lying on our towels and then headed home to get ready for our visit with Dusanka in Old Town.  We met in the square and were given a tour of where my grandmother lived and where the Mandic family lived, my grandparents, great grandfather and my father and his five siblings.   

The tall house is the Mandic house
The Mandic house in 1915
Jill and Dusanka
Views from the cafe

We stopped for a drink at a cafĂ© with great views of Boka and then headed to Dusanka’s house where we met her brother, my cousin Miro who is also a doctor and his son, Branko.

My cousin Miro

We had a lovely dinner and got to see lots of pictures of my relatives. 

My grandfather Dusan

My grandfather and grandmother with Patricia, the mother of Dusanka and Miro

My dad in his teens with his first girlfriend to his left
 It was a fabulous evening.

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  1. Hey, the post is now working. Reading your blog for the past 10 days has been the highlight of each evening. You sure know how to get the most out of a visit. I watched the first episode of the ShoeString Gourmet today. It was great. It is great that you were able to hook up with your cousins. Continue to enjoy and be carefuly with your knee. Love to you both. Bruce