Saturday, 24 May 2014

Herceg Novi, Montenegro to Barcelona, Spain, Day 13

Day 13, May 24, 2014

Checkout time 10am. We had breakfast on our balcony and then sat in the park to cool down from lugging our bags to the basement to be held until our 1pm airport transfer.  I ran back to our room to get some bread to feed the pigeons. Someone took our park bench so we found an empty bench down the path but there were no pigeons. I said to Jill, "I'll go get them".

I walked backwards as I threw bits of bread
Dusan, the pigeon man

We took a leisurely walk on the promenade to take in the views for the last time. We decided to go back to the Beograd Café and take our usual table by the water.  Although it was hot, there was a cool sea breeze.  The views from the café were unbeatable. We ordered lunch and I ticked off another box on my culinary list, tiny fried smelts.  Jill ordered cevapcici, her addiction, and a tomato and cucumber salad with local real tasty salty feta cheese and onions. With beer, our lunch cost 10.80 Euros, about $16 all in.

We waited for our driver in the courtyard while I serenaded Jill with a song I haven’t played for a long time, I Used to Work. Our drive to the Dubrovnik Airport required two border crossings. The scenery during the trip was spectacular.

Pictures taken through the front window have a strange tint

The narrow gauge train ran from Sarajevo, Bosnia to Zelenika, Montenegro over this bridge and passed through Herceg Novi where the 7 km promenade is now.

In Australia, it's kangaroos,in Canada, deer and moose, in Croatia, it's wild boar

The flight to Munich and then to Barcelona went smoothly. Views of the German countryside were beautiful with the warmth of the late day sun highlighting the small clusters of clay roof white houses surrounded by huge expanses of  mosaic shaped fields in all shades of green and brown.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died but I did get a few pics with Jill's camera of Germany as we took off.

Leaving Munich we were soon over Switzerland. The Alps were stunning. 

The clouds were beautiful
I had no idea where we were and the Alps appeared

I was like a kid on a plane for the first time.  Thank you Jill for the window seat.

Our bags were the first to come off and were were on the Aero Bus to Placa de Catalunya, minutes from our apartment.  The big soccer match was on and there we hordes of people everywhere.  The lift to the fourth floor was barely big enough for two with bags stacked.

We got settled and to bed by 12:30 but the noise from La Rambla was crazy. At around 1:00, fireworks exploded and caused us to jump out of bed wondering what happened.  The loud exuberant voices continued almost to dawn.

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