Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Day 2

Day 2, May 13, 2014

We slept well and after a double espresso headed out for breakfast.  The city was already packed with tourists following their guides, not one speaking English.  We started exploring this beautiful walled city that had risen from the ashes after the shelling during the 1991 war which almost destroyed it.   With rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for the next few days we decided to walk the walls of the city.  A $20 cost per was well worth the experience where we got a first hand look at the destruction.  Most of the clay roofs had new tiles and we saw several ruins from the shelling.  The two hour walk on the wall included tons of stairs leading to different elevations for breathtaking views of the Dubrovnik and the surrounding scenery.

                                          The main street from the wall

                                                   Stairs up to the wall

                                                   A tourist on a side street

                                          The Pile Gate

 Hot babe

                                         The killer stairs up to the wall

                                         The wall

                                         The main street, Stradun

                                         Destruction from the 1991 war

                                          On the wall

                                          More destruction

               A hole in the wall from the war created access to a great spot for a bar

                                          A few of the roofs not damaged during the war

                                                   Church steps

                                         Old and new clay tiles

                                          A map of he destruction from the 1991 war

                                                    Lots of stairs

We did a bit of grocery shopping to stock up on the essentials - beer, wine, cheese, crackers, eggs, and borek, a traditional snack of minced meat wrapped in phyllo dough. Add a cold beer and that was our lunch – delicious! Dinner took us to one of the many streets lined with endless outdoor restaurants.  I had grilled squid, which came with six of the tenderest squids I have ever eaten. Jill had a craving for cevapcci, which are tradional skinless sausages made from a mixture of seasoned beef and lamb and was surprised when ten were presented on her plate with fries, salad, and a mound of ajvar, a red pepper relish with garlic.  A bottle of house white topped off an absolutely delicious meal and an ice cream as we strolled the main street gazing at the hundred of swallows that came out for their evening meal.   

                                          Hungry man

                                          Grilled squid, so good

                                          Jill's cevapcici

                                          Incredibly delicious ice cream

                                         The main street with a few remaining swallows

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