Friday, 31 May 2013

Malta, All-Day Cruise around Malta, Day 10, May 30th

We were picked up before 9 and got home at 7:30. What a day.  We sailed all around Malta and Comino, with a two-hour stop at Comino’s Blue Lagoon, in a teak and mahogany Turkish Gullet. It was 32 m long and 9 m wide. We motored under diesel power with 78 other folks from all over the world.  The Blue Lagoon was stunningly beautiful with its white sand bottom and stark landscape. The shear tall cliffs (the Dingli Cliffs) on the west side of Malta seemed endless and breathtakingly beautiful in their ruggedness. Due to the prevailing Mistral Wind, the last half-hour of our cruise was very rough with 2-3 meter swells which made us want to cheer as we passed the breakwall into the tranquil Grand Harbour for a relaxed slow cruise around its shore.  As I have mentioned, this is where my father was stationed on a torpedo boat, one of eight graciously supplied by the U.S. to the Yugoslav Navy.  We saw the hospital where he stayed when he broke his leg and Fort Ricasoli where his boat was docked.  Yes, to see this part of my family’s history was one of the reasons for this fabulous trip to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary (June 30th).  I know he will cry when he see the pictures.  He is now 91.

We were exhausted as we walked back from the bus station and decided on an early night.

o                                                                        Our boat

                                                                    Elephant Rock
                                                    Stark yet beautiful lanscape on Comino
                                                         Lovers in a dangerous time
                                                             The Blue Lagoon, Comino

                                                         Beautiful thistles on Comino
Our boat anchored

                                                   Cliffs on the west coast of Malta
                                                                 The Dingli Cliffs

                                                                        Fort Ricasoli
                                                         The former miltary Hospiital
                                                    Fort Ricasoli from the Grand Harbour

Another beautiful sunset

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