Monday, 27 May 2013

Malta - Valletta Living History, Day 7, May 27th

Two weeks to go.  We had a nice walk along the fortification wall before brekkie then off to the market for some fresh grouper for tonight’s dinner and fresh produce. Then headed out to the theatre to see Valletta, Living History.  A 35 minute film which took us from when the Knights of Saint John came to Malta to present time.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.  After a tasty lunch at home we took the ferry over to Sliema where we booked tomorrow’s adventure/tour of Gozo, the other major island of Malta, and Camino, the third island which is home of the blue lagoon.   
                               The bell tower that rings everyay at noon to honour the war dead

                                                        Ham off the bone for our lunch

                                                        Jill in our narrow doorway "Hey Sailor"

Lover's locks

 Jill in our dorway with our apartment balcony two up

A rocky beach on the ocean side

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