Saturday, 25 May 2013

Malta - Fresh Market, Day 5, May 25th

Off to the Valletta market where we bought a 1 kg sea bass for tonight’s dinner and lamb shanks for tomorrow’s.  What a joy to be able to shop for fresh produce from all the different vendors.  The tomatoes are so red and delicious; you can tell they are from someone’s garden. On the way back to refrigerate our purchases, we passed the good folks marching against Monsanto. We decided to walk along the fortification wall and take a short horse carriage ride tour.  Our horse was Johnny.  Jill couldn't resist singing, go Johnny go. We ended back where we started then did the route over again on foot to take in the amazing views at a slower pace.  Barely a cloud in the sky with 26 degrees in the sun and surprisingly cool in the shade.  We traversed the city to our apartment for our afternoon relaxation before dinner.
View from our kitchen window.

                                                         View fron our livingroom.
                                                     Monsanto is hated everywhere.
                                                           View across to Sliema.
                                                   View of Manoel Island from our place.
                                                                      Jill took this
                                                                  Jill and Johnny.

                                            The bridge and breakwall from Fort Saint Elmo
                                                                 Fort Saint Elmo
                                                                       101 stairs
                                                                  Beautiful bougainvillea
Our windows

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