Friday, 31 May 2013

Malta, Mdina by Bus, Day 11, May 31st

 After going to the market to pick up fresh produce and a sea bass for dinner, we bought a one-day bus pass for 2.8 Euros each (ride anywhere all day as many times as you want) and headed to Mdina, the old capital of Malta.  It is a medieval walled town centred on a hill in the centre of the island.  It has just over three hundred inhabitants.  It was stunningly beautiful. I hope I have captured some of its charm in my photographs. Its first inhabitants were the Phoenicians in 700BC. We got there at noon and had a fabulous lunch within its walls before exploring the many narrow streets and we were awestruck by the views.  We could see St. Paul’s Cathedral which is right by our apartment.

We were back in Valletta by five and decided to take the bus to Sliema to stock up on groceries and then headed home.  We came to the realization that the low prices we were paying for wine and beer was paying for our food … and we are eating really well.  Isn’t that crazy?

                                                                  A courtyard in Mdina

                                                                      A great door

                                                              One of the narrow streets

                                            Easterly view from the top of the fortification wall

                                                      Beautiful deep red bougainvillea

                                                                    I love this shot

                                             We ran into these dried up Knights of St. John

                                                                     My darling girl

                             A restaurant on the fortification wall with a great view of the east coast

                                                                    A tiny window

                                                                      Someone's door

                                                              Another great old door

                                                            Jill getting away from me

                                                             A ficus tree with a twist

                                                                 Another great sunset

                                                  Jill dwarfed by her favourite flowering vine

                                                                  The outer wall of Mdina

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