Sunday, 26 May 2013

Malta - War Museum, Day 6, May 26th

Malta, Day 6, May 26th
Another beautiful sunny day and our first Sunday.  There are well over 300 hundred Catholic churches in Malta. Since there is no market on Sundays, Valetta is very quiet. After brekkie we walked over to the War Museum, where we learned about Malta’s role in WWII.  My father was stationed here when he was in the Yugoslav Navy.  He was a petty officer on a torpedo boat and was involved in the invasion of Italy. He spent time in the picturesque military hospital overlooking the Grand Harbour when he broke his leg while on duty.  He and his crew had their barracks on the badly damaged American supertanker, SS Ohio which played a huge role in bringing fuel oil for the war effort and saved Malta.
Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia: The SS Ohio was an oil tanker built for the Texas Oil Company, (now Texaco). The tanker played a fundamental role in Operation Pedestal, which was one of the fiercest and most heavily contested of the Malta Convoys, in August 1942. Although Ohio reached Malta successfully, she was so badly damaged that she had to be effectively scuttled in order to offload her cargo, and never sailed again. The tanker is fondly remembered in Malta, where to this day she is considered to be the saviour of the beleaguered island.
We bought a couple of beach towels today (we forgot ours), so now we’re ready to do some swimming in the rather cool sea (18 degrees C).

                                         A beautiful sunset as see fron our apartment.
Sea bass dinner at our pad.

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