Sunday, 2 June 2013

Malta, Lazy Sunday, Day 13, June 2nd

It was a lazy Sunday morning, we walked into the heart of Valletta to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a must see according to the travel guide.  A service was in progress so we stood at the back and took in the magnificent opulence. Then on to the Grand Harbour where we walked along the shore to the passenger terminal docks and people-watched those coming and going from the four cruise ships in port.  We made our way back up into Valletta passing through a park in the suburb of Floriana where the local council has set up an area where they feed and provide shelter for outdoor cats.  We decided on a leisurely al fresco lunch at D’Office Bistro on Archbishop Street, our third visit and our favourite in Valletta for taste, quality and portion size.  We always go home with a take-away box with enough for the two of us for a light lunch.  

                                                            Natural limestone walls, Valletta

                             The elevator to move people from the cruise ships to Valletta city centre

                                                   They take care of their outdoor cats

                                                               Cat feeding station

                                                                    Cat row-housing


                                                               The best calamari so far

                                                Great building in the city centre of Valletta

                                     We watched a man scrape and sand this door for two days.  
                You have to turn sideways to enter as only one side opens unless you need to move something large.

                              Our apartment is 350 years old and the windows do not have a tight seal.  
                           If rain comes in, it channels down to the hole and goes back out.  Very cool. 

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