Sunday, 9 June 2013

Malta, Wind down Saturday, Day 19, June 8th

Off to the market to get fixings for the muffaletta we are making for our flight home.  I shopped for tonight’s dinner while Jill went souvenir shopping.  We met at the central square at 12:30 and headed to Guze’ Restaurant on Old Bakery Street for lunch.  The building where Guze' is located is 400 years old and one of the oldest buildings in Valletta built by the Knights of St. John.  It has been renovated with care to preserve most of the original features. The ambiance was fabulous. Jill ordered lamb shank and I ordered traditional roast rabbit.  We also ordered a bottle of Aussie shiraz for a mere 14 Euros.  Restaurants in Malta do not charge an arm and a leg for wine which certainly encouraged us to eat out more often.  Jill’s lamb shank was outstanding and my rabbit exceeded my expectations.  It was the back half of a rabbit complete with all of the organ meats, heart, liver, and kidneys. I grew up eating organ meats so this was a treat.  Jill said, “look you even got mushrooms”. I had to tell her that they were in fact kidneys.  She did not cringe, just simply looked away. They tasted fabulous.  The rabbit was accompanied by red and yellow peppers, baby corn, snow peas and asparagus. The rabbit sat in a jus that I cannot describe other than it was the best I have ever tasted.  The rabbit was roasted to perfection and was so incredibly tasty.  This was one of the best meals I have ever eaten in a restaurant and the gastro highlight of my holiday.

Today summer arrived in Malta with 28 degrees, feeling 32, and not a cloud in the sky.  Boats streamed out of the harbour, taking advantage of the calm seas and glorious sunshine.  The sky was so blue and cloudless, a fabulous long weekend.

We strolled home to have an after lunch espresso and cognac.  We opened up all of our windows and let the breeze cool us down. There was a party under way on Manoel Island directly across the harbour and the music got louder as the party progressed.  You know how sound carries across water.  Well, we had the best seats in the house, sitting comfortably in our apartment.  And when the sun went down we had a beautiful sunset.  We sure will miss them.

                                                Guze', the kitchen entrance around the corner

                                                 Guze', the formal and exterior doors

                                                              The lower level

                                                      Original limestone block walls
The upper level

                                                               Stairs to the kitchen

                                                     Fabulous arches, thick walls

                                                  Original ceiling and wooden beam

                                               Lamb shank with potatoes fried in goose fat

                                             Traditional roast rabbit with triple fried potatoes

                                Beautiful but looks like it has not been touched since the Knights

                                                                  An ancient door

                       The dome of the Basilica which you can see in the pictures of our apartment

                                                                           The alter

                                           Original balcony weathered over four centuries

                                                               Letting in the breeze

                                         The sun getting ready to go down over Manoel Island


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