Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Malta, Market Day in The Three Cities, Day 15, June 4th

Every Tuesday, the largest market in Malta is held in The Three Fortified Cities of Cottonera across the Grand Harbour from Valletta.  We took the ferry after zooming down the elevator from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.  We strolled through the market and made some purchases, mushrooms, arugula (rocket) and a pair of sandals. Then we explored eastward to the sea where we saw remnants of the damage from the WWII bombings, including a dilapidated lookout.  We watched a fishing boat hauling a fish farm.  We saw workers cutting blocks of limestone to fit a wall they were building.  We stopped at Frankie's for lunch by the only sand beach in the area.  Since Frankie's was the only place to eat, we expected moderately high prices but were pleasantly surprised when our bill for two pints of Cisk (great Maltese beer) and one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten made on Ftira (Maltese bread) came to just 9.20 Euros.  The beers were 2 Euros each, the cheapest we have seen anywhere - so much for gouging tourists. On the way back to Valletta we saw a huge tanker being escorted out of the Grand harbour. 

                                                                         The elevator

                                                                   12-passenger ferry

                                                                         On the ferry

                                                            Traditional Maltese boat

                                                  Limestone block with years of erosion

                                                                        War damage

                                           The former hospital where my Dad spent some time

                                             Fort St. Elmo seen between the hospital buildings

                                                                  Former hospital

                                        A torpedo possibly from one of my Dad's torpedo boats
                                              Quarried limestone blocks ready for cutting

                                       The inner harbour sand beach with beautifully clear water

                                                             Ah, a cold beer at Frankie's

                                                             He rides on the scooter

                                                                           Our lunch

                                                           Ruins on the ocean side

                                                            Views from the lookout

                                                                      An old lookout

                                                               Hauling his fish farm

                                                                  On our way back

                                                              Ruins and a huge chain

                                                              Ruins and a stone wall

                                                                      More ruins

                                                                 Fabulous stone work

                                                                        An aged wall



                                                                     Churning prop

                                                                  Crossing the wake

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