Monday, 3 June 2013

Malta, A Swim in the Harbour, Day 14, June 3rd

We were up early and Jill suggested we go to the Falconry Centre in Siggiewi (pronounced see-gee-wee).  The Maltese people are having lots of fun hearing us trying to pronounce their words.  They are quick to help always with a chuckle.  We walked across Valletta to the bus terminal where we got our one day bus pass at 9:30 and arrived at the Siggiewi town centre at 10:45.  A short 10 minute walk through this quaint little town only to find out that the Falconry Cenre is closed on Mondays.  We arrived back in Valletta by noon and decided to have lunch at home eating up our yummy leftovers with a nice glass of wine. Weather Malta says the ocean is cold at 18 degrees but we decided to get some sun on the harbour side of the fortification wall and possibly a swim.  There are ladders all around the harbour for this purpose. I fell fast asleep for an hour then decided it was time.  I dipped my toe in and immediately decided it was too cold. Jill and a German boy were egging me on.  He jumped in and came quickly out.  He did this a few times while I gathered up the will to dive in. Yes it was cold but not bad.  The water here is crystal clear with no fear of sharks.  I had a good swim.  Jill on the other hand just did a waist dip.    

                                                       This is directly below our window

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