Thursday, 6 June 2013

Malta, The Malta Falconry Centre and our anniversary Tapas Dinner, Day 16, June 5

We were the only ones at the Falconry Centre, so we received the royal treatment.  We saw a Maltese Falcon which is also know as the Mediterranean Peregrine Falcon. We also saw vultures, eagles and various other raptors.  The owner took us around and explained her love for all of these birds especially the American Harris Hawks which she has been successfully breeding for the past ten years.  They all had names and so did the barn owls she also successfully bred.  Jill and I got to wear a glove and experience both the owl and the hawk take off and land on our protected hand.  It was a thrill we will both never forget. 

Tonight we decided to celebrate our 40th anniversary with a special dinner at Legligin Wine Bar in Valletta.  It was a set price for an evening of Maltese tapas with wine extra.  We had a great time and were thrilled to meet Ben Lee, a young Canadian fashion photographer from Vancouver now establishing himself in London, United Kingdom.  His fabulous website is . The quality of his work is outstanding and worth a look.  He was in Malta for five days and took 5,000 pictures.

                                                 Incredible walls without mortar in Seggiewi

                                                               American Harris Hawk


                                                           American Harris Hawk

                                                              American Golden Eagle

                                                                    Maltese Falcon


                                               Jill working with an American Harris Hawk

                                                                  Tapas wine bar

                                                               A photo by Ben Lee

                                                    Pete and Ben Lee deep in conversation

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