Monday, 14 September 2015

Naxos, Greece, Day 5, September 14, 2015

Bruce and I were successful looking for a closer parking lot to our villa. We decided to BBQ lamb chops tonight for dinner, so we also went looking for a butcher. We found one right beside our regular supermarket. When we went in there were none on display, but when we asked the butcher he went into his cool room and came out with an entire lamb. We asked for enough chops for four and he suggested three per person. He proceeded to break it down in front of us to our utter amazement, chopping and cutting and getting help from his assistant. Bruce had his phone and took pictures. 

We ended up with one whole side of the ribs and half of the other. He wrapped them up and laid them down at the cash register. We were surprised when he only asked for 11.50 Euros. I spotted some large sausages in his display case so we bought two. They were a mix of pork, beef and a little lamb. He gave us a beef sausage in appreciation for our business. They cost only 1.50 Euros. When we got back, I marinated the lamb for the day in lemon juice, white wine, olive oil, oregano and salt.

Once we stowed the groceries, we all packed up the car and headed to a new beach down the west coast that we were told was very quiet. The Meltemi wind was blowing and Aliko Beach was wavy so we went to a small sheltered cove south of Aliko Beach. We have said this before … but this was the best beach ever. There was an abandoned partially built resort north of the beach with some fabulous street art.

We had lunch at a taverna called Faros. When we went in the four of us were singing “Like a Pharoah”. Another outstanding lunch! What is so nice about Greece is that although a taverna has no competition, prices are comparable everywhere. We shared a Greek salad, a potato salad with capers and onions, a large arugula salad with shaved parmesan cheese, grilled calamari and octopus, stuffed veal with prosciutto and creamy feta which was breaded and then deep fried, two fat Greek style beef burgers (no bun) with a salad. We were stuffed again.

Jill loving up the female cat loving Jill

A drying octopus sort of like a calling card in front of the restaurant and our car

The water at the beach was calm and crystal clear. Not many people and those that were there were not naked. After a long dip, it was stone collecting time as we walked the beach, then nap time. We had one more dip and then packed up and headed back to Naxos town.

A cornucopia of stones in the crystal clear water

Bruce is my navigator and very good at his job! Driving has become second nature, even driving through small villages with roads barely wide enough for a bus let alone two cars going in opposite directions and 90 degree turns. At some spots you just take a deep breath and inch along. Drivers are extremely courteous and wherever there was a need to squeeze next to a wall to let a car go by, you were always rewarded with a wave of thanks. With all of the extreme winding roads and two in the back that dislike rally driving, my average speed was 40 km. Village speed is 30km while 50 km was tops in some places.  I was very comfortable driving slowly. Mistakes on curves obviously would be deadly.

Dinner was a joint effort. Bruce was in charge of the BBQ, Pam made the salad, Jill helped Bruce on BBQ duty and heated up the leftover risotto and I cooked the lamb. 

 The crew

Everything was delish! No leftovers this night. I did a repeat of sugar sautéed figs with Metaxa brandy. Bruce asked me why it tasted better than last night and I said, “I added more Metaxa”. One of my favourite desserts, hands down.

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