Monday, 7 September 2015

Paros, Greece, Day 2, September 7, 2015

We rented a car for the three days we have left in Paros.  Once all was arranged we headed to Krios, a quiet beach at the northern end of the bay which was recommended by our hosts.  

Martselo Beach taken from Krios Beach

Martselo Beach, the best in Paros

Martselo Beach

Beach beds were provided for free by the cafés on the beach.  Sure beats the 7 Euro charge in Lisbon. After a quick cool-down in the beautifully clear water we went to Peter’s Café for a beer and an order of saganaki, which is the name of a small two-handled frypan, in this case, used to fry cheese. Several types of cheeses can be used depending on the region. It was served with whole wheat pita and half a lemon which is squeezed over the cheese. It was wonderfully salty and filled us up.  We decided to go out for a late lunch after we did some exploring of this easy to navigate island. One more dip and we were off. 

We headed up to the north-eastern part of Paros to some small beaches across from Naousa, the more touristy of the two towns in Paros

 Interesting rock formations only seen on the northeastern side of Paros

The road back

There are two speed limits in Paros, 30 km in town and 50 in the outskirts. The roads are narrow with many winding turns. You have to stay vigilant on the blind turns and stick tight to your right. My rally driver instincts kicked in very quickly. A lot of fun I must say.

On the way back we parked across from the marina and found a restaurant for our late lunch/early dinner. It was 5pm and our server told us it was late lunch. 

Jill had stuffed zucchini with meat and herbs in lemon sauce. The lemon sauce was very glutinous and the mint and dill herbs in the meat and rice stuffing was not a great combo. If you don’t try, you don’t know. We shared a tomato, cucumber and olive salad which was good. Just three olives but very tasty ripe tomatoes which were relished by both of us. I had Gouna again just to see how it would differ from yesterday. It was more intense in flavour with more oregano and also delish, but not as good as yesterday. The only thing left on my plate was bones.

Tomorrow we plan to explore more of the island after a swim in the beautiful Aegean.


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