Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lisbon Observations

•           Graffiti everywhere, looking more like art with some tagging
•           Large police presence
•           Although all drugs are legal, didn’t get one indication that drugs were being used by anyone in all our travels
•           Very friendly, proud and helpful people
•           Very little English spoken
•           They love to eat fish
•           Very reasonable prices for food and drink
•           You can walk down the street with alcohol
•           Wine, beer, and spirits available in most stores
•           No liquor restrictions, even available from food trucks
•           Always felt safe
•           Easy transportation, even in a foreign language
•           Crossing busy roads was easy with pedestrian crosswalks everywhere and the cars stop
•           Reasonable taxi fares
•           Not much horn honking, patient drivers
•           Parking is outrageous
•           Small cars, no pickup trucks
•           Simple food
•           Not many dogs and no cats

•           Multicultural

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