Saturday, 12 September 2015

Naxos, Greece, Day 3, September 12, 2015

Yesterday, we arranged to rent a car for four days so Bruce and I made our way to Avis while looking for the public parking lots to park the car overnight. We are staying in the main town of Chora and there is no overnight parking. There is no rhyme or reason for how the streets and narrow walkways were laid out so it was easy to get lost, as we did. We had a general idea of the direction, but it was incorrect. We proceeded in the belief that the town was small enough that eventually we would find it, which we did with directions from a few shopkeepers. Along the way, we bought two one pound sea bass for dinner tonight as well as a head of lettuce, a tomato, a red pepper, parsley, a lemon and a litre and a half of Greek white. The bottom line, 19 Euros or $29 CDN, a bargain if you consider the wine back home would be half the cost. Just goes to show that if you enjoy cooking, you can do Europe on a shoestring.

By the time we got to Avis, we were dripping wet. We had taken a long roundabout way that tripled our time. On the way back we found a public parking lot fairly close to our villa. The girls were ready to send out a search party.

We then walked back to the car and headed for one of the best beaches on Naxos, Plaka Beach. It was a huge beach with crystal clear water and lots of naked people. 

We could not wait to throw our towels down and jump into the sea. It was glorious. The water was a perfect temperature and the four of us just floated and bobbed in the water. We ate at a traditional Greek taverna where the daughter was serving and the Mom was cooking. We ate lamb, chicken, meat balls, eggplant, roast potatoes, spaghetti and Greek salad – and it was delish. After lunch we went for another swim and then Jill and I snoozed while Pam and Bruce walked the beach.

Tonight’s dinner was absolutely elegant and served on the upper terrace. Pam set the table with a linen table cloth, napkins and fresh flowers. She even piled a few Naxos beach stones and lit candles to set the mood.

We cooked 2 beautifully fresh sea bass and Jill made risotto which was perfect with the fish. Add a fresh lettuce salad – delish! 

Bruce and I decided to cook marinated lamb chops using the charcoal BBQ on another night. I can hardly wait.  Too much fun, good friends and good food.

Pam introduced me to sucking Metaxa through a chocolate straw. Good night.

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