Thursday, 10 September 2015

Naxos, Greece, Day 1, September 10, 2015

We were up early and took in the sounds of donkeys, roosters and dogs as the sun rose over the hills and lit up the whitewashed Greek houses, which dotted the hills. We packed and reminisced about our fabulous four days in Paros. Returning our car at the port was a breeze with our guy from the rental agency waiting for us at the ferry dock.

Our 45 minute trip to Naxos was smooth sailing. We waited at the port for Pam and Bruce’s, arrival which was delayed by half an hour. I got some great pics of them getting off their super fast ferry. 

We waited at a taverna until our host’s designate arrived to take us to the villa. We rented a two bedroom, two bathroom villa at the top of Naxos town. Unfortunately it was a 20 minute walk up from the port dragging out suitcases. It was hot and humid and we had to stop and rest several times as the sweat dripped from our weary bodies. We zig zagged up narrow alleys until we reached our destination, a fantastic villa with great outdoor spaces as well as a well appointed kitchen and eclectic, comfortable rooms.

The aircon in the bedrooms went on immediately. The four of us sat in one bedroom and toasted our arrival, a couple of times. 

We then headed out for a very late lunch. Jill and I shared a green salad, saganaki with gruyere cheese produced on Naxos and a sea bass. It was so good. Bruce had a dorada (sea bream) and Pam had moussaka made by the owner of Popi’s, which has been open since 1948. 

We were given a green citric drink to finish of our meal, courtesy of the restaurant. On the way home, we picked up a few baklavas from a bakery to have with some Metaxa, a tasty Greek brandy, to finish off the night.     


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