Saturday, 12 September 2015

My Psychic Dream

The night we stayed over in Piraeus before boarding the ferry to Paros, I had a wonderful dream. A black lab befriended me and was more like a cat rubbing against my legs. He would take off running and then come back and show tremendous affection. I fell in love with the dog and asked Jill if I could have him and she said yes. I met the woman who owned the dog and she told me that he ate a very nutritious dog food called Everest. Her husband said it was frozen pie crust. I thought to my logical self, how odd it was that it would be frozen pie crust. I realized that if I took the dog the owners would miss him, so I proposed that we share him and that I would take the dog from time to time when they went on vacation. A perfect solution!

When I woke up I couldn’t wait to tell Jill about my dream because it brought back the joy of dog ownership and made me feel so happy. I told her about the Everest dog food and how crazy it was that it was frozen pie crust.

Once we were settled on the Paros ferry I continued reading my book, a Led Zeppelin bio. I was three sentences in when the author started talking about their song, “Black Dog” and that it was a reference to a black lab. Wow, a coincidence for sure, but when Jill came back from a stroll around the ferry, she said that a woman in the lounge where we were sitting had a takeaway pastry bag with the word EVEREST printed in big letters on the front. 

A second coincidence? It sure made me wonder, especially since I remembered all of the details of my dream so vividly, which is rare for me.  

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