Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Naxos, Greece, Day 7, September 16, 2015

It was our last day in Naxos so we reconfirmed our taxi pickup for tomorrow with Joy at the used book shop. We decided to have an early lunch at Meze2 which was recommended to Pam and Bruce by the bellboy at their hotel in Fira, Santorini. It was outstanding and I had Gouna for one last time. 

We drove down to Plaka Beach for a final dip in the Aegean. It was windy and the water was not as calm as it was on our last visit. When the wind picks up the sand whips and stings your flesh and gets in your hair. Jill was the only one who actually got into the water today.

We drove back, bought groceries for dinner and returned our rental car. On the walk back, Jill bought a pair of Birkenstocks at a good price. We chilled out at the villa then Jill and I went out for a walk up to the top of the town and then down to the old market, talking pictures along the way.

 Wall structure is amazing

 Neighbours share the tree


 The remains of 1st and 2nd century BC Naxos Town

 The winds have moved in and the water was rough

 Kastros, where we ate last night
 View from Kastros

Dinner once again was a joint effort. Pork schnitzel, garlic broccoli, lemon risotto, and a lettuce salad served al fresco on the terrace. 

The terrace was where we had the best dinners
The last of the Metaxa

To everyone who followed our travels on my blog. Cheers!

We were low on white wine so Bruce took an empty wine bottle to the taverna where we ate the night before and got a fill up for 3 Euros from their wine spigot. We lamented our archaic liquor laws back home. At the end of the dinner, Bruce and I did our version of the Greek Dance with paper napkins. We have pictures to prove it.

Please note: No Greeks died laughing in the making of this video. Yes, we have a video.

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