Monday, 14 September 2015

Naxos, Greece, Day 4, September 13, 2015

We decided to go inland today to Chalki, the original ancient capital of Naxos. The road had many hairpin turns but was not an issue since all you have to do is take it slow.  As we got into the higher elevations, the scenery was stunningly beautiful. Along the way, we could see Naxos town which is also called as Chora, which means main town and is used on many Greek islands. 

Chalki was a small village which was home to a distillery that produces a green, yellow and clear lemon liqueur from the fruit and leaves of the citron tree, similar to the lemon tree but stronger with a slightly different taste. I bought a kilo of figs for 2.50 Euros from a local organic farmer.  Yum.

 The still at the distillery
 The outskirts of Chalki

We were too early for lunch so we decided to move on to Apiranthos, a picturesque mountain village and is one of the most beautiful charming villages of Naxos full of wonderful houses made with fine marble. The stairs and walkways also featured white marble.

 The views from Chalki to Apiranthos

We found a taverna with a great view for lunch where we shared spinach pie, saganaki, fried eggplant, chicken souvlaki, and pork in a tomato paprika sauce. 

After lunch we explored the village. At every turn, it was a photo op. It was clear that its reputation was well earned.

 Hard working donkeys hauling wood to the bakery

 Marble steps

 Cats are everywhere

 One beer, four glasses after finding our way back from the maze of walkways

We took a northern route back which took us by a marble quarry. 
Marble Quarry

When we got back to town, it was incredibly windy with large waves where two days before we were swimming in tranquil waters. 

Calm two days before

We decided to watch the sunset from the Portera, a popular spot for photographers. It was so windy, it was difficult to keep the camera still but we got some great shots.

Dinner was just steps from our villa on a large terrace taverna which is open only for dinner. Great prices and tasty food. We loved it.

When we got back I sauteed a pound of figs in a sugar syrup with a couple of dashes of Metaxa. Delish!

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