Monday, 4 September 2017

Chania, Crete Day 4

Today we decided to take the bus, a nice big air conditioned coach bus, to Rethymno, one hour east of Chania. We made our way through town, a half hour walk, to the bus station. Tickets were 28 Euros (CDN 42) return for the two of us. There is a debate as to whose old town is better, Chania's or Rethymno's. We planned to find out, but first we wanted to visit it's fortress which was build in the 16th century on top of the acropolis of ancient Rithymna by the Venetians who occupied Crete from 1204 to 1669. Funny that almost every name has at least two spellings.

On path to the fortress, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the sea. It was hot and the breeze off the water was seducing. Every restaurant has a pitch person and this one read the special for two and were were in. Two whole grilled dorada, fries, Greek salad, garlic bread, two large beers, and fruit. A cat came by and started meowing at me. I responded by removing any bones from the fish and skin that made it down to her. I filled her up and then gave a her a long caress which she thoroughly enjoyed. We then parted ways, both suffiently sufonsified.

We made our way to the Fortezza and entry was just 4 Euros each. Yesterday the Maritime Museum was 2 Euros each, both very reasonable. We took a lot of pictures. It seems that in this part of the world, which includes Malta, fortresses were built as a defence against the Ottoman Turks.

It was another hot day and slightly more humid. We were relieved to get out of the sun to explore the old town. We stopped for water and beer to replenish and cool down. The bottom line is that we both thought Rethymno had the better old town, but Chania definitely has the better harbour.

As we had dinner on our balcony, there were several clouds where the sun sets but again, not like our first night.

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  1. You will need to make a photo montage of 'Cats of Crete'. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey and the next meal. The food looks and sound spectacular.