Saturday, 2 September 2017

Chania, Crete Day 2

I brought my stove top mocha coffee maker and a large tin of espresso coffee so we started our day with a triple espresso before we went for a morning dip. The water was calm and as clear as any water we have been in. I started singing a line form my song Down Under, "...this could be heaven, she whispered to me...". Jill said "not could". It was fabulous. We headed back up for breakfast. Our unit had a panini press so I used it to fry up some buttered bread for our eggs which had deep orange yolks. What a treat. Another triple espresso and we were ready to explore. 

We stumbled upon a fresh produce market and decided to buy what we needed to make a nice dinner at home. Just one of the vendors was selling chicken so we decided to do a one pot meal. We assembled what we needed from several vendors, a leek, garlic, long red peppers, zucchini with flowers attached, tomatoes, a mushroom, and one potato and one carrot (both from separate vendors who refused to take any money for them). The chicken thigh with leg attached was huge. All together our purchases totalled under 5 Euros. Nice. We hustled home to put it away and then headed back out for lunch. 

We made a pact to not eat at the same place twice and decided on a Harbour side restaurant which was highly recommended by our host. Jill had locally produced and sourced sausages with a yummy potato salad while I had a 400 g grilled sea bream and green salad. we started with at Cretan salad. It differed from a Greek salad by having a soft cheese instead of feta. It was good but we both prefer feta. If you don't try, you never know. With our bill came a small carafe of semi-sweet wine and a dessert made from semolina soaked in orange juice "on the house". Delish. 

We finished lunch at 4 o'clock and decided to walk the walls of the Venetian harbour - it was incredibly hot with not a cloud in the sky. Actually, we have not seen a cloud since we have been here. My phone said it was 31 but it felt hotter. By the time we got back we were soaked in perspiration. Getting into the water was brilliant. We cooled down and just swam and floated until we were water logged. What is neat about the beach is that there are hooks and screws in the sea wall to hang your belongings. There's also a shower to rinse off and a water hose at the top of the stairs to rinse the sand off your feet. Very practical and thoughtful.

By 7 o'clock we were feeling a little hungry and went for a walk along the harbour to see if anything appealed to us. The restaurants were bustling and young teens were out in full force having fun. We decided to head closer to home to an upscale pizza/Italian restaurant called Tartufo. We ordered a 9 Euro pizza to split and two 1/2 litre beers. The wood fired pizza was loaded and delish and just enough for the two of us. A bargain at 15 Euros. We may have to break our pact and go back to try their spaghetti, which was priced from 4.50 to 10 Euros. We were back home by 10:30 and ready for another adventure tomorrow.


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