Monday, 11 September 2017

Chania, Crete Repeat Day 2

Our plan today is to bake a whole fish for an early dinner. I went over to the Agora Market and bought a 1 kg dorada (gilt-head sea bream) for 14 euros. The fish monger cleaned and scaled it as I wished we could have stayed longer and tried some of his other fish but we are leaving early tomorrow morning for Split, Croatia. After getting some olive oil, lettuce and a lemon, I headed back. Just as I walked through the entrance I heard Jill call my name. She snapped a few pictures from the terrace for my blog. We made breakfast before we headed to our favourite beach for a swim. It was a melancholy farewell. Crete was fabulous. On a sad note, graffiti seems to have taken over the world. Very little street art here. More tagging and vandalism defacing beautiful historic buildings. We even saw a large ANTIFA painted on the side of a school wall. Sad. 

We walked through the Agora and picked up a few gifts before heading back. We found a place where you could fill up a container with raki of moscato wine and even get a taste from a sweet helpful young girl. We love having all prices expressed with taxes in and that goes for restaurant pricing as well. Wish we did this in Canada. It is a more relaxed life here. Fewer rules. No one giving out parking tickets for cars facing the wrong way on a street or parking too close to a stop sign. We never saw one accident even though driving sometimes seemed chaotic. There was a rhythm of care which I have a hard time explaining. No one gets upset. There was no horn blowing. Just a peaceful coexistence with respect for each other. 

I decided to cook the fish in foil after covering it in olive oil and seasoning it with salt. Some lemon slices and parsley in the cavity and 40 minutes in the oven at 200 centigrade and it was ready. Jill, who used to freak if she ever found a bone, declared this the best juiciest fish ever. She found a few bones but it did not take away her enjoyment of this delicious fish. Parsley, olive oil, salt, a squeeze of lemon is all it took. Jill wanted some baklava before we left so out we went. It was not easy to find a bakery in the old town but we forged on down every alley and side street. Just as we were about to give up, eureka. This place had baklava which he said was made by a Syrian woman who makes the best in Chana.  It was fabulous. Jill and I shared the larger of the two we bought. The price was 5 Euros for two. Well worth the experience. The other will be for breakfast tomorrow along with the paninis Jill made with the left over cheese and olives while we wait in the Athens airport to get our flight to Split. Our cab is picking us up at 4:30 so it is early to bed.

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