Saturday, 2 September 2017

Chania, Crete Day 1

Our host from Peri's Hotel drove us to the airport for our early morning 35 minute flight to Crete. We were taken by just how mountainous and ruggedly beautiful Crete was. We took a cab from the airport to our top floor accommodations and were pleasantly surprised by the great views from a fab covered balcony overlooking Koum Kapi Beach. All the windows and doors open on three sides, so we get a cooling sea breeze all the time. Thank you Jill and Airbnb for this place! Jiannis, our host, left us lots of fruit, peaches, plums, figs, watermelon, pears, olive oil, raki, dried oregano, and marmalade. An incredibly generous host. 

We explored the shore to the Venetian Harbour, which was lined with restaurants and cafes. The temperature was approaching 30 with no humidity and a constant cooling sea breeze. The cicadas were out in full force. We checked out the menus along the way and on the way back picked one with white table cloths and a good breeze. Predictably, I had grilled squid and Jill had saganaki (fried cheese), and a Greek salad to share. With two half litre Fix beers, our bill came to a very reasonable 24 Euros. When I was ready to pay the bill, the waiter insisted we stay for some fruit and raki on the house. The fruit was incredibly tasty watermelon. We didn't finish the 200 ml bottle of raki but we gave it a good go which translated into a long nap before we went grocery shopping. The cost for beer is about the same as in Canada in a small grocery store, while gasoline prices here are double. 

After a walk along the beach, we thought we would walk to the Venetian Harbour to see the sunset, where it was promoted as being the best. When we got home and went out on our balcony, we realized we didn't have to go anywhere. We did the necessary prep; cheese, olives, wine, beer and we were ready. Wow, what an ideal spot to watch the sunset as you will see from the pictures.

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  1. Nice view from your balcony! Love Jill's Maclean's shirt! Still wish we were there!