Friday, 8 September 2017

Paleochora, Crete, Day 3

One of the things pictures cannot convey is the appetizing smell of grilled fish as you stroll along the promenade. What is a really nice thing here in Greece is whenever you request anything, like when you ask to use the WC (washroom), the standard answer is "yes, of course". Such lovely accommodating people. 

We started our day by strolling through some of the alleys and then back for breakfast. I may have mentioned this before, but what a bargain this place is. A buffet breakfast would cost 7.5 Euros per person and two beach lounges, 10 Euros. So the 80 Euro cost for our room is really 55 Euros. Start the car! Time for a swim on the stone beach.

The stone beach was awesome. We had to wear our sandals to protect our tootsies which worked our really well. The water was crystal clear and calm at this time of the morning. We then headed home to get ready to explore.

We explored the side streets and alleys and I, of course, took lots of pictures. This place is full of charm and could not be more relaxing. Everyone in the shops are so friendly and nothing is a problem. We got up to the ruins of the Castro where the views were spectacular. We decided on a light lunch at Kyma where we had a table in the shade across from the stone beach. Jill had chicken salad and I had fried squid, with two half litre beers, a bargain at 16 Euros. Now for some shopping as we made our way home for a short siesta then a swim at our sandy beach. 

We have a supermarket just two minutes from our place and decided to make open-faced salami, cheese, and tomato sandwiches for dinner and watch the sunset from our balcony. We bought an a great inexpensive, under 10 Euro, bottle of champagne for the occasion. The tomatoes here are nothing like back home. They are so tasty. What a great evening watching the sunset with my baby. And here I am now outside writing this blog sipping brandy with some dark chocolate.

The owner's dog which is tied up all day, Ziva, is a German Shepard and she is let loose to run on the beach at the end of the day and is incredibly well behaved as most dogs are here. I caught a picture of just her ears popping up over the stone beach wall.  

What a fabulous day! Tomorrow, our bus leaves at noon to take us back to Chania as we continue our adventure.

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