Sunday, 10 September 2017

Paleochora, Crete Transit Day

We got up early today so that we could have a last swim at the stone beach before heading back to Chania. It was heavenly. The water was calm as we stepped carefully on the rounded stones to the water. Oddly, the stone beach water is warmer from top to bottom compared to the sandy beach, which is warm on top and colder on the bottom. As we were marvelling at how buoyant we were and at how crystal clear the water was, we proclaimed this to be the best water we have ever been in. After rinsing off at the beach shower, we made our way back for the last time through the beautiful side streets of Paleochora while appreciating how lucky we were to have had three wonderful days in this most peaceful relaxing place.

Breakfast was once again outstanding as we looked over the sandy beach and its serene clear waters. We wheeled our bags easily, however slowly, to the bus station in less than 15 minutes. We had become pros at this point in relying on our stamina to get us to where we were going. The bus left promptly at noon and took 1 hour and 50 minutes to get us back to Chania. Half of the trip was through the mountains where the bus driver took it really slow because of the hairpin turns. Once at the bus station, we wheeled our bags to our new place in the heart of the old town across from the market where we were met by the owner's father. Our place was funky and on two levels with a small terrace. The upper second bedroom was not needed but was nicely laid out. After a quick rundown we headed out to do some shopping. 

The fish stalls at the market were packing up but luckily I was able to get a half kilo of shrimp for dinner and all else to make shrimp pasta. Unfortunately, the apartment was not as well equipped as I expected or promoted but I made do. Dinner tuned out really well thanks to fresh local ingredients and sous chef Jill to assist me. The pedestrian street below us came alive with people having fun just being together on a Saturday night.  

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