Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Split, Croatia Day 1

What a fab day Jill and I had today. We got up early and made breakfast before we headed out to explore the old town but the first task was to go to the fish market and see what was available. I bought a sea bass and splurged on langoustines which have always intrigued me but not in my budget. The way it worked in the market, once you bought your fish, you went to the men who cleaned it for 5 Kunas or CDN $1. We then moved to the market to get parsley, lemon, and tomato. I also bought a small basket of ripe figs. Love them. This was all going to be our late lunch/early dinner once we finished exploring the palace and surrounding area. We also bought some prosciutto and a tasty cheese at the market for our evening snacks.  

We explored the area where we lived which has a long history with each street named after the people who first came here. Locals who saw our interest stopped to tell us about the area and the people who have lived here. One man stopped as we were taking a picture of a bronze donkey. He was a former engineer and built the steps and wall by the donkey. He explained that it was the donkey who was used to bring wine up to the area where we were standing. So cool. We then moved to the palace and I could not stop taking pictures, as every turn was as historically beautiful as the last. We decided against the guided walking tour as we both don't like following an umbrella but prefer our own pace. Jill took us to the highlights and we learned as we went, reading the plaques to understand the palace's historical significance. It was crowded and were happy to get out of the palace and make our way up to the Marjan Forest where I got some great high shots of the city. Lots of stairs but well worth the climb. 

We were both getting tired so we headed home to cool down and do some cooking.

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