Sunday, 3 September 2017

Chania, Crete Day 3

Our plan was to explore the parts of Chania we haven't ventured in to. We wanted to find the bus depot. Today it was 34 with 55% humidity which felt like 44. Last night when we were eating our pizza, I mentioned that it was odd that we had not seen any police or police cars or heard any sirens or seen any tickets on obviously illegally parked cars. It gave me food for thought. 

Off we went down unfamiliar streets and alleys and wow, a whole different world, lots of stores and cafĂ©'s and quaint hidden exquisite restaurants. After exploring, we headed back to the harbour to have a light lunch of pork gyros, Greek salad, and a few beers. We continued west to the maritime museum which filled us with pre-BC knowledge to modern times. Man it was hot. We had to stop half way back home for water and beer. Then it was cooling off time with a swim. We  got out of the water after Jill and I were both bitten by a fish of unknown size but it made us jump and abruptly ended our dip.

After a brief snooze, it was prep time for our chicken stew which was delicious as we dinned al fresco on our balcony. The first clouds we have seen were over the mountains where the sun sets, so no sunset again tonight. 

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  1. Great pose with the spear thrower. I appreciate that you did not dress in the same way. Be careful of the heat.