Thursday, 7 September 2017

Paleochora, Crete Day 2

The power was out in the town when we woke up so we went for a short stroll along the boardwalk and found a beautiful tree covered restaurant. By the time we got back, power was on so we headed to the roof top terrace for breakfast. Our 80 Euro studio included breakfast and  two beach loungers with umbrella. A true bargain. The breakfast buffet was exceptional with fried eggs, great bacon, cheeses, fruits, sweets, yogurt, cereals, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and lots more plus a very fine sandy beach view. We had some bubbly left over so we made mimosas. 

We decided to explore the town all along the peninsula from the sandy beach to the rock beach. What a fabulous walk. The town is built around the ruins of the old fortress. Before we left Chania, I had picked up three stones and balanced them on a shelf in our apartment. I should have taken a picture but didn't. When we arrived at our studio in Paleochora, the painting on our wall was of three balanced white stones. So as we walked and appropriate stones presented themselves, I made a three stone structure and took a picture. Most are in the pictures below. 

On the stone beach side is the famous Crocodile Cape. I took lots of pics of it and the rocks. I love rocks and their age. If only they could talk. By the time we got back it was mid afternoon so we decided to go for a swim to cool off. We were still not overly hungry so didn't get out for dinner until 5. we walked back to the stone beach side to one of the best restaurants in Paleochora, Methexis. Best doesn't mean anymore expensive than any of the hundred others. I had lamb kleftiko while Jill had a huge cheese stuffed meatball with lemon roasted potatoes. I also had a 1/2 portion on octopus in red wine to start. Raki on the house with a semolina dessert. All in for $31.50 Euros. The cost of eating out is so inexpensive for top quality food. 

I picked up two baklava on the way home, my first of the trip. Man it satisfies my sugar cravings and goes good with brandy. Tomorrow is our last day here and then it's back to a new place in Chania.

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